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Tuttopress Editrice is specialised in publications intended for professionals in public commerce. It was founded in 1983, publishing Il Mondo della Birra (The World of Beer), Tuttopress Editrice entered the world of public houses with a monthly publication, the only one of its kind in the sector, which was immediately successful. Even today it is the reference point for the sector.

In 1996, taking advantage of the sectorÕs evolution which was enlarging to take in successful locations and generic premises, it published a monthly magazine Locali Top aimed at the managers of premises (bars, restaurants, hotels) of high prestige and trend. The publication is targeted at the 30% of public houses which, within the wide-ranging activity of HO.RE.CA, is the most dynamic sector of the market and represents the partners able to launch and develop eating out.

Consecutively, and taking advantage of the change in life style and eating out, in 2009 Tuttopress Editrice launched Drink ÔN Food on the market, a magazine dedicated to HO.RE.CA Modern. Targeted at the operators of large groups and independent operators who operate in commercial catering within a multifunctional structure, Drink ÔN Food connects with and informs the operators who manage premises in: shopping malls, cinemas, stations, airports, large service stations, entertainment and theme parks, water sport parks, etc.
A sector which is developing in numbers and consumers, is the “new frontier of HO.RE.CA”.

With the object of extending communications aimed at the HO.RE.CA channel, but with publications even more specific and targeted, Tuttopress Editrice became the publisher of GBI in 2011, thanks to an agreement with ITALGROB, the reference Federation for wholesale distributors who operate in the HO.RE.CA channel. A selective and incisive vehicle to communicate with distribution operators.

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